How Breaking News could SkyRocket your website Traffic

How Breaking News could SkyRocket your website Traffic


How Breaking News could SkyRocket your website Traffic

Today I am excited to share a case study or rather an experiment I had tried out on my blog and could really make sense if I get into the details. Basically it’s all about how posting a breaking news sent thousands of new users flowing into my website like crazy!

I planned to try out this experiment on 2nd April 2011 as it was the Cricket World Cup finals at Mumbai, India. As the match progressed and I was almost sure that India was going to win the world cup, almost 30 minutes before the match ended, I published an article on my blog and that was India wins 2011 Cricket world cup

After publishing the post, I quickly checked Google and confirmed that there were no other blog or website articles confirming India’s victory of the world cup finals.

Finally the results were out and it became News

How Breaking News could SkyRocket your website Traffic

As soon as India won the world cup and the news was published, the search results pattern started changing. Google news and Twitter feeds also started appearing in the search results.

Even though my article was pushed down by 1 position, still it maintained the second rank on Google search for long. The reason it was pushed down was, SERP ranking depends on many factors like:

  • Domain Age: The age of the domain as per the first record of
  • Google PR: The Google Page rank of the domain
  • BLD: The number of back links to the domain
  • BLP: The number of back links to the page
  • Index Count: The number of pages indexed on the domain
  • .Gov or .EDU back links: Back links from a government or educational websites
  • DMOZ: Is the site indexed in the Open directory project (DMOZ).
  • Google Cache Age: When did Google last index your page?
  • Does the Head, Title, URL, Description contain the keyword?

The above factors impacted the SERP position even though I was the first one in the world to publish the news. I was still happy to see the result of being first to report this news and to be the second search result.

The effect of this SERP ranking was mighty and huge! Soon I could track around 300+ visitors online at my website from my dashboard. I observed the traffic for few days and here I have included few snapshots from my Google webmaster and Google Analytics dashboard and the metrics were soaring sky high.

Take Home: This case study simply proves the importance of Uniqueness of content, Value of content, the “breaking news factor” and SEO. All these play a major role in your blogging and content marketing business. Stick by the rule: Be the First to be the Best.




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