How can Indian Bloggers Pay Income Tax

How can Indian Bloggers Pay Income Tax

If you are a blogger, website owner or Internet marketing expert who has started to earn money online, you will certainly have one new question in your mind – Do I have to pay taxes for this income I earn online? To learn more, read on..

For any type of income in the country, if it exceeds the tax exemption bracket, you are supposed to pay tax to the Government of India. The same applies for online business, blogging and website advertisement earnings.

The major channels of receiving your earnings are:

1. PayPal
2. Direct bank transfer
3. Paycheck

The above three methods are most common methods of getting paid for your online works. Google Adsense payments come as CITI bank check in rupees, affiliate payment comes in dollars to your PayPal account and ClickBank pays you directly to your bank account.

The common factor is that all these forms accounts are linked to your PAN card and this records all your income. If you are already employed and this is an additional income, you may pay the taxes under “additional income” or separately pay advance tax online.


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