How can you land in your mobile reader’s Inbox

With the increase in usage of Android based smartphones, more and more mobile applications are being launched to cater to diverse needs of mobile users. Websites are fine tuned to be able to access through mobile phones also. The latest high end mobile phones are offering features that are at par with laptop or notepad. Hence, smartphones have made their way into the lives of more than 38% in US and it is increasing at a rapid pace.

Email Marketing Potential

Smartphone users are taking advantage of email facilities. Although smartphones are leading the mobile market, the buzz is equally shared by non-smartphone category mobiles in accessing and sharing information through emails and social networking sites. As per the latest survey findings, 53% of mobile users check their emails several times a day and 66% of mobile users check their emails at least once in a day. These figures reveal the huge potential of email marketing through mobile phones. In order to win the mobile population through email marketing, it is not only minimizing the access difference between laptop and mobile phones but also captivating the way of thinking and stimulating factors of mobile users is important. Concrete action plan can be chalked out for exploring ways to locate these mobile users, make them land on your website and make them respond to your initiative to subscribe to your newsletters. We shall find how these mobile visitors can be induced to land on your email subscription lists.

Offer Freebies

Freebies can be announced by various mobile marketing schemes. Freebies are great ways to attract new subscribers. You will be able to win these users by offering consistent and relevant useful information over a period of time. Those who are really benefitted will not only spread through word of mouth and but also sign up for valued added services offered by you.

Mobile friendly themes

Sign-up box should not be hidden in the sidebar of mobile friendly themes used in various Content Management Systems (CMS) including WordPress. As the sign-up box is hidden, it is difficult to be traced by mobile visitors. It is also important to understand that most of the mobile visitors are not serious about the content they are reading. It might be a gap filling activity adopted by many mobile users. So, special measures should be taken to attract these visitors by using flashing icons or buttons.

Invitation extended at the end of the content

The ideal location to prompt users for newsletter subscription is at the end of the content on a web page. It is advisable to avoid either the side bar or footer location for this purpose.

Sign up page

Sign up button can be positioned in a separate page on your website. The button can be displayed with attractive phrase to invite new subscribers. The page content can be filled with appropriate information by stressing the need to go for subscription and the benefits they get by signing up.

Mobile friendly content

Mobile friendly content should be presented to make mobile visitor’s web presence hassle free. For example, the video on your website can have a link to YouTube from where the same content can be accessed through smartphones also. Do you have any more ideas? Please share them in the comments.

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