How Featured Interviews will Boost your Blog Value

How Featured Interviews will Boost your Blog Value

Every niche will have Experts, so will your blog’s niche will have people who have done well with their own methodology and style. Publishing featured interviews with expert within your niche will boost your blog value by providing more inspiration and guidance to your readers.

I find Featured Interviews as a great method to improve your blog’s readership and pep up the value of the information you share with your readers. Especially when most of the content is written by yourself on your blog, it so happens that the perspectives and opinions you unknowingly project would be linear in thought process. Publishing expert interviews will add more dimensions to the ideas you present on your blog.

How Featured Interviews will Boost your Blog Value

In one of my popular blog, the featured interviews section is widely read and has helped me take the blog activity and user interaction to the next level. There are several advantages of publishing a featured interview:

  • These posts will improve the value of content on your websites.
  • Different techniques adopted by experts will provide great learning for you and your readers.
  • Successful people who have proved it will certainly inspire your readers to do better.
  • You can use these interviews as a method to learn yourself and clarify your questions too.
  • These interviews will be publicized by these experts themselves – a bonus to your blog visibility.

In short, I strongly recommend you having a Featured Interviews or Experts Talk section on your blog.

How to Approach Experts for an Interview?

From my experience I have observed that almost everyone enjoys being interviewed. Being interviewed has many advantages – It ads to your reputation and it’s simply the fuel to improve your blog or brand’s popularity within the niche.

Make sure before approaching an expert requesting for an interview, make sure your blog has enough authority and traffic that is just enough to add to the expert’s popularity. In most cases, people straight away agree for short interviews if they feel that you are working hard on your blog that looks neat and promising.

Example of a request for an Email Interview

Email interviews work the best as it gives us and the expert enough time and flexibility to complete the same. Include a brief paragraph about your blog and why you want to interview the expert, further include the set of 7 – 10 questions that makes the most out of the interview.

Once you publish the interview and it is live, make sure you inform the expert with the URL to the interview. This will make sure that are happy with the way it has been presented, in addition it will also give them a chance to share this interview to their audience.

Take Home: If your blog looks empty without any content and activity, it is not a great idea to contact an expert for an interview. As your blog popularity and content progresses, you can find out the experts in your niche and contact them with your interview request. Am sure it will be a great experience to connect and learn from people who have already excelled in our niche.