How find your unbiased Ranking on Google.

If you have ever worked on Optimizing your website or Blogs for Search engines to promote your target keyword ranking on Google, you might have observed that the search results aren’t the same for all the different location based TLDs that Google has.

Let’s assume you are searching to find the “Best house keeping service provider”. The search results for a query from the US and from India would not be the same. It would be based on the relevance. This is due to Google’s intelligent location based geo targeting algorithm.

Now, if you are optimizing for keywords like “Best web hosting of 2011” then you would want to rank 1 in the US and other locations as well. In such cases when you want to view and analyze the results of your optimization in an unbiased manner, you could use Scroogle. This is a simple web based tool that shows unbiased Google search results irrespective of your location.

Hope this short tip helped you!


  1. Anil Ram February 2, 2011
  2. Stacey Abo February 2, 2011