How I reached my first 10000 Blog subscribers

How I reached my first 10000 Blog subscribers

Blog newsletter subscription is the most effective traffic generation method that is not dependent on any other external factors like SEO etc. T simply guarantees a fixed number of returning visitors to your blog against all odds.

Assuming a 50% efficiency for my newsletter campaigns, I am sure to receive at least 5000 unique visitors each time I send out a newsletter – that’s the power of email marketing!

My first advice to a new blogger is to enable newsletter subscription as early as possible to tap the invaluable list of loyal visitors to your blogs.

The only 3 tools I have used are:

1. WordPress blog CMS
2. Popup domination optin plugin
3. Mailchimp account (free)

The above trio has helped me attain new heights in blogging and skyrocket my blog page views. Once the set up is in place you can easily receive subscribers and send emails to your readers – you are simply on autopilot.

The rule is simple : write great content > receive subscribers > continue to write great content. This leaves you with huge list of possibilities to even monitize or promote great products to you list.

Take home: be it your blog or newsletter, if you deliver great content of superb value – you will be appreciated!


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