How impressive is your blog design?

How impressive is your blog design?

I guess you all are tired of hearing the quote by gurus saying “Content is the King”! Well I am tired of hearing that as well, it’s true that content is important but your blog’s success is all about how well you cook using the right recipe.

Apart from the content, SEO and the niche expertise there is one another factor that is a very key ingredient to the blog’s popularity – Design. Even if you have great content and work hard on your SEO, it’s the design and user friendliness that keeps your visitor stuck to your blog, hence it’s equally important to have a well designed theme and look for your blogs.

Recently I upgraded one of my blog’s design to a more juicy one and found that many metrics skyrocketed with this change. You could check my website and see how well it’s designed, well the older design wasn’t bad either but I find this one more attractive and it blends the content with the ads very effortlessly! I observed the Google Analytics data for this blog for a month after the redesign and surprisingly found that numbers almost doubled!!

1. The page views increased
2. Time on site per user increased
3. Bounce rate decreased
4. Adsense earnings increased

To summarize, those metrics that had to do with user loyalty and interaction shot up. This clearly conveyed the message that design was critical and it simply helps you win the heart of a visitor.

If you are looking forward to spice up the looks of your WordPress blog, I strongly recommend choosing a high quality premium theme of very reasonable pricing and options to choose from. For example, Elegant themes offer 70 plus themes for as low as 39 USD! Also other theme development companies like WooThemes, Templatic etc. Offer great themes that has really neat code and search engine friendly designs!

Take Home: don’t ignore the power of looks and they really does matter! Check out your blog and identify the areas of improvement from a design perspective. Good luck!

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