How Inactivity could Damage your Blog

How Inactivity could Damage your Blog

I’ve learned this by getting hit by leaving my blog unattended for a while. I have a blog called, it’s got more than 1200 subscribers and loads of content enough to continue to drive search engine traffic for months or rather years. The blog was started 2 years ago and it still gets me around 1000 unique visitors a day and 25000 a month! The only source of income from the blog is through Google Adsense and it makes me 3 – 4 USD a day.

Let’s go to the stats the blog used to have about 6 months ago:

1. Nearly 90000 pageviews a month
2. Nearly 3000 unique visitors a day
3 An impressive Alexa rank of 70k
4. Daily Adsense income of 10 USD minimum

Now what did the damage to this particular blog of mine in spite of a page-rank 2 and enough content? It’s INACTIVITY! Without much doubt I could say, inactivity killed my blog.

Even though the content, page rank, subscriber count and domain remained the same – the traffic and stats dropped due to lack of new content being added to the blog. The after effects of this are regular visitors not returning and search engine bots not coming back to index more content.

Now how to save this blog?

This blog can be saved only consistently adding more content to this blog atleast once or twice a week. When more content is added with a plan in mind, things will start to fall in place, but in a slower pace! The reason I could not continue adding content to this blog was because I had no time left in a day to deal with this blog after prioritizing the activities on more important blogs I own. Now, I have not decided to let go this blog – today, I hired a writer to continue posting content on this blog and I will pay him from the income already the blog is passively earning for me. This will help in improving the income and yet keep the blog growing!

I made this mistake as I was under the impression that search engines will continue to feed my blog with visitors even though there is no new content, I was wrong!

Take home: even if you have more than one blog, respect your own decision that led you to start this blog and continue to add more content to keep it alive – be it any niche am sure you will not regret!