How majority of Bloggers make money online

Dear readers,

Today i would be sharing some information that i personally came to know very late in my blogging journey. Its all about throwing more light on the prime method that bloggers around the globe use to make an online income.

In the initial days of my blogging – even i used to think just like many of you might be thinking now about the various sources of income through blogging.

The Two BIG myths that i had in my mind were

  • I thought as soon as i have a blog – i will fill it up with Google adsense ads and i will get paid
  • As soon as my blog is set up – I will fill up my website with sponsor ads and make monthly money

As soon as i started my blog Believe me Both methods never worked !! And i could say with much guarantee that it will not work for all you new bloggers starting your blog as well.  Making money online is only a possibility  when your website has traffic. Thinking of earning an online income without traffic is like showing a movie without audience.

The ground rule for a successful blogging income would be only after achieving a decent traffic for your website or blog. Also make sure you would only place your ads after you have enough traffic – otherwise it would make your website look spammy / crappy / cheap and fraudulent trying to make quick money. When there is good quality content on your website, automatically people would start ignoring the fact that you are using advertising space and would fee least disturbed as they are already enjoying your content.

Slowly as my blog traffic picked up and i started receiving good responses to my new posts,  i wanted to provide more and more quality content to keep them coming back. Developed a mailing list and retained my loyal visitors too.

Now about the earning part

Now i have a decent traffic, loyal visitors, good content on my blog and enough material indexed by search engines. All these could be achieved by patient and consistent efforts for 3 – 6 months ( we are talking about practical money making methods, yes it takes some time and effort – But it really pays for itself later)

Further now, I have to think of making some money. If i were you below are the priority of techniques that i would use to make online income.

  1. Affiliate sales income ( 60 – 70% of your online income comes from here)
  2. Google Adsense / Chitika / AdBrite (20% income from here)
  3. Paid reviews and articles (6% of your income – this increases with your blog popularity)
  4. Banner ads ( Least suggested as you could use that space better)

Today i would speak only about the point number 1 – Affiliate income. Believe me this is a Gold mine and i want you all to understand the potential that affiliate marketing has over any other source of income EVER!

To make your affiliate income a reality you have to make sure

1. You identify your blog and website niche well early – Do not start a junk blog or a website to write anything and everything. There are enough newspapers doing that. Choose a niche specific topic or area that you really know or you are passionate about and keep writing

2. Try out different methods and keep writing quality content for your visitors and you would certainly enjoy it as well as your visitors would appreciate it.

3. Drive good traffic to your website and try to become an authority on specific keywords or topics that you are writing about. For example   – Write an excellent article about the best books to read to improve your English Gradually, your article would be linked and liked and when it becomes popular on the web or withing your readers, use your affiliate links to suggest the best books for the same on amazon. You straight away earn upto 50% sometimes when you make such sales.

4. Imagine you rank 1 for the best premium wordpress theme for the year 2011 like i do today – you may do a search. or may be best wordpress plugins for the year 2011. Each time a new visitors comes here and reads about the really awesome themes i have suggested – they would purchase it and 1 sales a day = 30 USD and 30×30 is a straight 900 USD per month from 1 single post. Thats the power of affiliate marketing.

Hope this article was helpful. you could read more about the 12 best affiliate networks on the web that you could sign up with on my parent blog – – All the best!!


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