How many links to build per day for SEO

How many links to build per day for SEO

Quite often I receive questions and emails regarding SEO on the frequency of link building – how many links per day and for how long. To answer this question, let’s go back to the basics. Ideally link building is an artificial method of search engine reputation building and any method that makes it look unnatural could be penalized by search engine algorithms.

The search engine algorithms of today are very super smart to identify forced optimization, so I recommend you to make it look as natural as possible. Lets now understand the factors that affect the back link quality, this will give a clear idea on how to approach back link building in a smarter way.

1. High PR link backs are most beneficial
2. Using the right anchor text for back links are important
3. Link building should look natural and not automated
4. Back link from related genre of website

Regarding the link building frequency, try to keep it slow and never get excited and over do link building every day. If you are able to build 2 – 3 backlinks a day, that’s good enough. It’s vital that you do not use the same anchor text for every links as it might look like forced optimization.

Link building options are:

1. Directory submission
2. Forum signatures
3. Blog commenting
4. Article submission
5. Guest posting

Out of the above 5 options of link building, my favorite is guest posting. This means writing guest articles for top blogs in your niche. The advantage is free traffic, you can choose high page rank blogs and link back from related niche website. Hope you have got some fair idea about the link building strategy and frequency.


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