How much money is my Blog or Website worth?

How much money is my Blog or Website worth

This could be one question running behind your mind if you are a professional / serious blogger. The efforts and time you spend on your blog are basically investment that will grow and turn into money as your blog grows further over the years.

When should I start thinking about my Blog Worth?

I recommend you only start thinking about the value of your website when you begin to earn from the website. Let us ask ourselves 2 simple questions:

  1. Why would anyone want to buy your website from you?
  2. Why would you sell your website when you yourself is earning from it?

Anyone would want to buy your website only if they are convinced with the earning potential of your website or blog (in most cases). If your blog is earning, then you might only think of selling it when you require quick cash in bulk (maybe to fund another project).

So the essence of the above to findings is that you might want to think about your website worth when you yourself are financially benefited from the website. In simple words, the website is worth a little more than what it is earning now for you!

How much money is my Blog or Website worth

How much money is my Blog or Website worth and how to calculate it?

There are number of websites that have sprung up recently to help you calculate the worth of your blog or website and immediately give you the results. In my opinion – These are all crap! There is no software that could tell your exact website worth based on rankings and few data points from certain sources, these are estimations or wild guesses.

The various factors you want to consider while analyzing your blog worth are:

  • Domain value
  • Blog or website Design value
  • Traffic Stats: Unique visitors and Page views count from trusted source (like Google Analytics)
  • Average Yearly Income generated from your website (Most Important)
  • Blog or website Domain Age and Page Rank (SEO metrics)
  • Value of information and content on your website.
  • Percentage of Search Engine Traffic ( Most people prefer this as it is consistent traffic source)

You could roughly analyze the worth of your blog when most of the above factors are supporting you. The most important factor that could convert for you while selling a website or blog is its earning potential. You could earn up to 2 times your website’s average yearly income while selling your website (the number becomes more accurate when the above factors are on your side).

Take Home: Selling a website is not a very easy task, it would be wise to expect 60 – 70% of what you really want to sell your website for (don’t tell that to your buyer though).  If you are note in need of urgent cash, it is wise to scale your website to higher levels of success. It does not really give the sense of satisfaction when you sell your blog or website that you have put so much of efforts on for a throw away price – So be wise and capitalize only when time right time has come.


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