How Much to charge for a website, web design cost

Depending on your level of expertise– This is what I believe you should be charging for web design. (All currency is in US Dollars) These are NOT standards – only simple guidelines and basically a PERSONAL opinion. Use at your own discretion!

1. Novice – Your hourly rate should be $10.00
You may not know the amount of time it will take to build your project so you may end up working a flat-rate at around $500.00 – $900.00 for a site.
Novice developers should NOT discuss SEO unless they are putting together a pay-per-click campaign.

2. Beginner – Your hourly rate should be $20.00
Same applies to Novice with flat rates. $500.00 – $900.00 for a site.
Beginner developers should NOT discuss SEO unless they are putting together a pay-per-click campaign.

3. Intermediate – Your hourly rate should be $25-$35.00
You have a better idea of what it takes to build a website. However, advanced skills such as custom database applications, custom flash (actionscripting), and Javascripting, Internet marketing may require you to outsource to a professional.
Your flat rate should cover your time but you may have to dip into costs to pay for professional outsourcing.
Most template web designers fall into this category (template as in you buy templates, not make them custom). Flat rate charges should be around $1000.00 – $2500.00 depending on the site.

4. Advanced – Typically $40-$75.00 Depending on skills
Advanced designers/firms can handle almost anything from flash, css, javascripting, and good internet marketing skills. Advanced users normally have well over 3 years experience.
VERY FEW individuals fall under this category. In most cases, advanced means small design firms with multiple talents.
Advanced site flat rates usually start at $1500.00 (template design) and go up from there for custom website design/development.

5. Expert – Expect to charge $80.00 to $150.00 an hour.
What defines an expert? Top level Design firms typically fall under this category- especially if their employees each have 5+ years of experience in their fields. Individual persons RARELY fall under this category because it requires such a wide range of talents and expertise. An expert design firm has a firm grasp on graphic design, web design, css, javascripting, internet marketing, database design and development, server technology, network security, content management, copywriting, e-mail security, flash, actionscripting, php, user interface, sales, and strong business skills to promote their clients.
Experts typically are able to list everything they are building down to the penny so there is no confusion as to what is and is not being built.

Expert design firms usually have:
graphic designer professionals (1 or more)
professional programmer (1 or more)
professional SEO/Copyright Marketing (1 or more)
networking specialist (1 or more)
A sales force

Joshu Thomas


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