How to add Feedburner to your wordpress Blog


Adding FeedBurner Email to your blog : If you’re using to publish your blog, you will not be able to add the subscription form for FeedBurner Email Subscriptions service to your sidebar. But We have a way you can offer email subscriptions to your biggest fans by placing a simple “Get {Your Site Here} delivered by email” link in your blog sidebar instead of the standard form.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Sign in to FeedBurner, and navigate to the Email Subscriptions service on the Publicize tab for your feed

2. If the Email Subscriptions service is not already active, activate it

3. Copy the Subscription Link Code from the FeedBurner Email setup screen

4. Sign in to, and navigate to the Presentation > Sidebar Widgets subtab for your blog

5. Create a new text widget, then drag to the sidebar

6. Click the icon in the upper right of the widget to edit, then paste the email code into the text field

7. Click [Save Changes] and check out the changes on your blog

When subscribers click this link on your site, a pop-up window will open where they can enter their email address and subscribe to your feed for daily email updates.



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