How to add google adsense ads between wordpress blog posts

Integrating Adsense with your blog is a very critical task since there are two sides to this – 1. This should not annoy your visitors and the ads should blend well with your blog. 2. It should provide you good earning opportunity.

Today I would introduce 3 excellent free plugins that could be used to integrate your Adsense ads with your blog effortlessly.  Each plugins work very well and I have tested all of them. You could try any of them – out of which my favorite is Adsense Integrator since it does all the work and is the most simple of the lot.

The 3 plugins are:

  • Quick Adsense
  • Adsense integrator
  • Why do work

The installation and set up is very simple, firstly install the plugin post download using WP your admin panel. Further all of the have similar configuration page where you would have text box to input your Adsense code and specify their placing & recurrence on the blog page, category page or post page.

Hope this simple article has helped you. Do let me know!