How to add Google Custom Search to your website.

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Go to the google URL:

Give your search engine a name and provide a brief description.

1. Search engine name: for example, Real Climate Search Engine
2. Search engine description: for example, Climate Science from Climate Scientists
3. Search engine language:
What do you want to search?

Option1 : Only sites I select.
Option2 : The entire web, but emphasize sites I select. 

If option 1:
Specify a list of websites to search. You’ll be able to edit this list and add more sites later

Select an edition: Select the edition you’d like to create

Option1: Standard edition – Free, ads are required on results pages.
Option2: Business edition – Starts at $100 per year, no ads on results pages.

finish it and use the styling options below and get code and insert in part or page of the website where you need it to appear at.

Google Custom search Control panel options

Look and feel ( A New Option for styling)
Get code
Make money
Business account

Styling options

Search element. Provides the most layout and customization options.
Iframe. Provides limited customization and requires a separate page for results on your site.
Google-hosted page. Results are hosted on Google.

Also Google Provides Great reports on Search Statastics

Making money:

Its can be linked to an adsense account and it will help you earn from the sponsored results of your search.
You can make money with your custom search engine by connecting it to a Google AdSense account. You make money when users click on an ad they see in your search results. If you have more than one Custom Search Engine, all of your search engines will automatically be associated with the same AdSense account.
How it looks once integrated with your site. Its ajax powered and exteamly powerful search.

Hope the article helped you to understand and user Google CSE better.


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