How to add membership feature to your wordpress blog

Every Single day there are tens of thousands of new bloggers and websites coming up and we can see about 80% of the fail to make it to the success list or they stay in the average list.  There are many of them who are sucessful in driving traffic to their websites through quality content too, but not many of them monetize it well.

What could be the possible reason? Having 8 125×125 ad slots and expecting your visitors to click on them is pretty childish now, because your visitors are here for information and that is what they are looking for mainly. So make it out work in the smart way, Provide them information yourself and share the information and services offered by others and monetize it through a effective affiliate system or in simple words, revenue sharing !

Another very effective method of gaining revenue from your website or blog is provide a membership system and make it paid. If its wordpress, then you could use the two below very effective plugins to monetize your blog membership

  1. Wishlist Member – Very customizable plugin with lots of features to make your membership effective
  2. aMember with WordPress Plugin – its a simple but very effective plugin system

Let me know if the Article helped you to your way on success 🙂 All the best.