How to add WordPress widgets inside blog posts?

Widgets are powerful elements of a WordPress blog that allows you to simply drag and drop to showcase various information and functionality on your blog’s sidebar. Now let us try to approach the use of widgets in a different perspective. Ever imagined adding or embedding your blog widgets within a post or page? Yeah, that is possible!

First of all, you need to install and active the plugin called “amr shortcode any widget”. As soon as the plugin is activated, navigate to widgets. There you would find a new sidebar created called as “shortcodes”. Any widget you drag and drop into this sidebar, will be ready to be inserted into a WordPress blog post or page. All you have to do is use the appropriate short codes each time you want a specific widget needs to be inserted.

How to add WordPress widgets inside blog posts?

For example to insert a calendar widget, you will have to use:

[do_widget calendar]

To insert a pages widget, you will have to use:

[do_widget pages]

If the widget name has space in it, then you need to add widget name in quotes like this:

[do_widget “recent posts”]

The plugin simply opens up a lot of new possible ways you can publish information on your blog combining useful interactive widgets. Hope this helps you make your blog more useful and interactive. Try out this awesome free plugin and let me know how much you liked it.

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