How to add your new website to Google, Yahoo and Other Search

Basically Google does not come to you and say “hey you have a new website, let me index it.!”
you would have to work on getting it indexed, you need to intro your website to google through some website google already knows. Just like you intro your girlfriend to your mom lol 😉 (its a lot easier than that though)

Some Tips are:

1. submit to social bookmarking websites.
2. submit to directories
3. ping using
4. submit to direcories.
5. link exchange with websites in your niche
6. submit to google directory
7. Sign up for google webmaster tool and submit website and Sitemap
8. Submit to
9. Submit to press release websites.

Here are some resources that would help you in the above steps.

List of 62 Free Press Release websites – 100% SEO Friendly Directory

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