How to Analyse and improve quality of Backlinks

Ever wondered how you can analyse and get indepth information on your backlinks to your site that are not from your domain.

Basically any backlinks checker tool can help you do this, But to be more acurate let us use Yahoo Site Explorer tool

  • Type the URL of your website that you would like to analyse
  • Select the option that says Inlinks + Except from this domain + Only this URL, because you are going to target the page rank or SEO of a particular page or website and hit search
  • You would get the entire list of all the sites, anchor text, page that link to your website.
  • The MOST IMPORTANT part of this analysis is Understanding the Anchor texts used to link to your website and the Nature of the website that links back to your website, these two factors would evaluate the value of the back link to your website.

Conclusion: While improving or working on the SEO of your website, make sure your have the below two points in mind

  1. Correct the Anchor text
  2. Get Valid backlinks from websites that are already in your niche

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