How to Auto Post to FaceBook?

How to Auto Post to Facebook?

If you already know the power of Internet Marketing, you might be already knowing that this is a Million Dollar Question! Facebook can give a surprising boost to your website traffic, readership and Conversions if used in the right way. This is one Huge Social networking website with an explosive nature of spreading great information through social peers.

It is an awesome idea to convert your website visitors into fans through simple Facebook Like Boxes or by using a good Facebook landing page and have your audience stuck to the content you are always publishing. But I personally have found this as a tedious task to manually publish each and every post on to Facebook after writing it on your blog! Have you ever considered automating this part of the work? Read on..

How to auto post to Facebook?


How to Automate Publishing Blog posts on to your Facebook fan Page:

The word automate is so very relieving! isn’t it? In search of the perfect solution to help me automate this chore I tried several applications, tools and portals. Finally I discovered the perfect tool (in my humble opinion) that could get this done effortlessly for free!

This is a Facebook application called RSS Graffiti. This is one of the most popular FB application that is being used by over 600,000 webmasters to automate Facebook posting from their respective websites. I must accept that RSS Graffiti has a very robust and simple application menu that is very easy to configure / setup the automation.

How to auto post to Facebook?

How to Setup the Auto posting to Facebook with RSS Graffiti?

  • STEP 1: Activate RSS Graffiti within Facebook and allow the permissions to allow the application to install on your profile, page and/or group.
  • STEP 2: Tell RSS Graffiti what content you would like to publish. To do this, locate the RSS/Atom Feed for the website or application you would like to publish. Click the “+ Add feed” button, paste your link and preview the link to verify you have a valid RSS/Atom feed.
  • STEP 3: Once you have verified that your feed is working, you can specify how often you’d like RSS Graffiti to check for new content, how you want the content to appear on your wall, how frequently RSS Graffiti should post on your wall and numerous other customization options. Click “Save” and you are good to go.

The screenshot gives you a better idea on how this awesome Facebook application looks like in action. The best part is that, with RSS Griffiti you can:

  • Automate posting from multiple Blogs
  • Any website feed can be auto posted to Facebook wall
  • Auto Posting can be super configured, timed and styled as per your taste
  • Auto posting can be configured to an account or even a Fan page
  • Check your Blog for new posts every half hour (you can set the freq)
  • Also configure posting from Twitter to Facebook

Take Home: Its super clear that Facebook publicizing can bring more traffic and popularity to your website. Regarding automating this work, my recommendation is RSS Graffiti as its free and feature rich. I personally use this and you could also give this a try!


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