How to become a Google Certified Professional?

How to become a Google Certified Professional?

Google Certified Professional or GCP is a professional certification offered by Google targeting professionals and companies in the PPC (pay per click) advertisement and Internet business industry. It is an individual qualification certification to demonstrate the proficiency in Google Adwords / Google Analytics, attained by studying and passing the GCP exams.

To become a qualified Individual for the GCP program, you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

  • Pass both the Fundamentals exam and one of our two advanced exams.
  • Be aware of, and in compliance with the program terms and conditions.

How to become a Google Certified Professional?

 The changes in the GCP program as of the year 2013

There are some significant changes made by Google in the GCP as of the year 2013 when compared to the previous criterias and the most important of them is that [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]you no longer require to have a required spend limit in the Google Adwords program.[/highlight]  Earlier, to become a Google Adwords certified professional, in addition to passing the exam you needed to 1000 USD in the Google Adwords program in a period of 90 days. As of now there is NO spend limit and all you have to do is study and pass the exam offered by Google.

Advantages of becoming a GCP (Google Certified Professional)

  • The world class program training: The training offered in the online learning center helps you to stay on top of the latest AdWords features, functions and resources.
  • Qualification & Certificate: Being a qualified Individual / company can help drive more business from companies who could hire you as a Adwords consultant. This could not only help you earn money as well as more experience in the PPC program.
  • Marketing Tools: Get sales and marketing resources that will help you promote AdWords and your services to prospective clients.
  • Promotional coupons: Qualified members will receive 20 promotional coupons valued at 100 USD each (2000 USD worth), that you may apply to your new customer accounts to help bring them new business. This means you straight away earn 2000 USD.
  • Google’s recognition: You get certified by the credible company as a Qualified individual or as a certified partner company in Google AdWords certification program. You could show off this achievement by sharing your certification profile.

How much does the Google Certified Professional certification program costs?

There is no charge for joining or participating in the Google Advertising Professionals program. All program materials, including training and marketing materials, are free for members to use. The only cost associated with the program is the US$50 fee to take the Google Advertising Professionals exam, which is required for qualification in the program.

Differences between the old certification program from Google and the current Program for individuals?

Old Google Advertising Professionals Program (discontinued):


  • $1,000 spend over 90 days
  • Passing score on one exam
  • Review and be in compliance with Terms and Conditions


New Google Certification Program (current / active)


  •  No spend requirement
  • Passing score on two exams: The Google Advertising Fundamentals Exam and one of the three advanced exams.
  • Note the program Terms and Conditions (you automatically accept them when you join the program.


Official Google Resources on the Google Certified Professional certifications: