How to build a Brand image for your Blog

How to build a Brand image for your Blog

Blogs are intellectual properties and if you are planning to make an income from your blog, then it’s a business model. Every business model’s success depends on it’s reach and to have a good reach – you need to build a brand image!

There are several methods to build your blog as a brand on the web – you could web choose to boost your own brand image by becoming an authority in your niche.

Blog design and Interface: You cannot claim to be an expert and authority in your niche with a poorly designed blog. The usability, ergonomics and design of the blog leaves a quick impression on the visitors, hence make sure you have a good logo for your brand and an excellent look and feel.

Have great value to offer: The quality of content on your blog reflects the fact that you are an expert authority on your niche. Make sure you promote your blog only after ensuring there is some great content to offer your readers. Always has a section on your blog from where your new visitors can start browsing your blog – otherwise it would leave them puzzled where to start from. For example this blog of mine has a dedicated section to newbie bloggers on how to start from the scratch.

Show them you have done it: with respect to your niche, make sure you put forward enough proofs to support your authority. If you are blogging about income generation online, income reports are a great method to project the fact that you are an example to how one can make money online.

Use the social media professionally: try to be active in the social media scene and interact with other niche experts and aspirants. Make sure your blog / brand has a Facebook fan page and a twitter account at least. Be professional and always try to boost your brand image with high quality communications

Stick users to your blog and brand: do not let your invaluable users to forget about you. Enable feeds subscription and newsletter emails – share valuable information to make sure they keep coming back to you.

Publicize your brand everywhere your niche thrives: an excellent method to publicize your blog to your niche readers is by writing guest posts at all the top rated blogs in your niche. This not only gets you new visitors, but also gives an impression that you are dwelling in the niche as an expert! This would be a huge boost for your brand and the trust relationship continues to build.

Promote your brand on and offline: simple items like business cards, goodies with your brand identity will help it achieve massive popularity offline! Similarly using a standard signatures in emails and forums will help others identify you and your blog.

Take home: trust and brand image is never made in one day! Loads of time and efforts needs to be put in and the result for this continued efforts is as rewarding as a lifetime brand identity, money and work satisfaction!