How to Change your YouTube Channel Name in 2013

How to Change your YouTube Channel Name in 2013

You might not have expected your YouTube Video channel to become a success when you started it but down the lane you might consider to re-brand your YouTube channel name. But Sadly, YouTube will not allow you to change the “channel URL” more than once after setup. Also there are situations that your YouTube brand name / URL is already taken by the time you register your channel.

In order to brand your YouTube channel and have the “desired username” Google has officially introduced a new method in the year 2013. This method helps you to take a username of your choice to promote branding of YouTube channels.

how to change youtube channel name

How to Change your YouTube Channel Name in 2013?

Earlier, it was NOT possible to have a username of your choice (even now also not possible) but there is a method to change your brand name. All you have to do is create a Google+ page with your desired brand name and link your YouTube Channel with your Google Plus Page.

After linking your channel with a page, YouTube videos will show the username / uploader as the “brandname” in your channel. This will give your channel a complete branded image as shown in the below screenshot. My channel name is my Google username “joshuthomas” but after linking my channel with the Google+ Brand Page, it has started appearing as “AmazingIndia.Tv” as the uploader.

change youtube channel name 2013

Hope this helps you to re-brand your channel and upload all videos in your brand’s name. Let me know if you have any questions or feedback regarding the changing your YouTube Channel name.