How to check and control your external links

How to check and control your external links

Incoming links from other websites are always beneficial and you will certainly not get flagged or marked red by search engine algorithms as SEs like Google very well know that facts that you cannot control the websites linking to your websites.

Importance of External links from your websites

External links from your website => Links that you have total control over. If Search engines like Google or Yahoo finds your WebPages linking to spammy websites or over linking to other websites, then your websites could land in trouble.

Search engines would certainly push your website down the results as the pages have been linking to external spammy websites excessively.

How to find out and control the external links

Its easy to identify and correct this issue, thanks to the external link checker tool. The text link tool scans and gives you a report of all those suspected to be spammy external links on your website and web pages. Hope this article was helpful to save your website on How to check and control your external links.

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