How to choose a theme for your WordPress Blog

How to choose a theme for your WordPress Blog

The first impression is still the best impression! One big reason of increasing bounce rates for websites is basically because of the poor visual impact a blog creates to its first time visitors. I personally feel that your blog appearance is certainly important.

WordPress Advantage

One of the key advantages of using a WordPress CMS is the huge collection of themes that are available for free on the WordPress theme collections for you to download and install with few clicks.

The official WordPress website offers you thousands of free of cost themes for download. The advantage of WordPress is that you can install these themes from your WordPress admin dashboard by simply searching for the theme or uploading the theme zip file from the dashboard -> Appearances menu option.

Choosing a WordPress theme for your new blog

Firstly you should understand the catch in the free themes that are offered widely on the internet. As we know that nothing comes free on the internet, these themes either come with a footer link back (that ideally you should not remove) or with embedded code or scripts that you might not be aware of.

The one huge disadvantage of using a free theme for your blog is that it could open up a security hole or vulnerability in your blog code for hackers to easily hack into.

Your Investment to purchase a premium theme

This is basically your personal call. If you are very serious about your blog and want to give it a good start, I would always recommend you purchasing a premium theme for your blog as premium themes are:

  • Well developed and coded
  • Defend well against security vulnerabilities
  • Offer 24×7 support to premium themes
  • Release updates very often
  • Are great looking!

These are few good reasons why you should opt for a premium theme over a free theme. If you are planning to start off on a low note and not yet in a financial situation to invest on a theme, it is not a problem at all. As your blog grows and becomes popular, you start earning from your blog – you could always upgrade to a premium theme.

Premium and Free themes recommendations

Free WordPress themes

Premium WordPress themes

  • Elegant Themes (70 + themes for 39 USD)
  • Woo Themes (Awesome collection of WordPress themes)
  • Thesis Framework (Best SEO Optimized WordPress themes)

Take Home: Even if you have a great deal of traffic to your website, it is very vital that you have a good visual appeal. I personally recommend you to concentrate and invest good amount of effort on the look and feel of your blog. Hope you have enjoyed the article on how to choose a theme for your WordPress blog.