How to choose a web hosting for my Blog

How to choose a web hosting for my Blog

There is so much of buzz going around on the best web hosting to choose from on the Internet and this could land you in a state where you are confused which one to select for your blog. Let me clear up the air for you!

If you have to broadly classify the types of web hosting services, they are:

  • Shared web hosting service.
  • VPS web hosting service.
  • Dedicated web hosting.

The majority of the websites and blogs on the internet are hosted on shared web hosting services. This means there would be more than one websites hosted on a single web server that is logically partitioned into sections or hosting accounts for each customer.

You could refer my review of the best web hosting companies of the year 2011. The article has shortlisted the top 7 web hosting services based on several factors that have been considered.

The smartest approach to select a web host to setup a new blog or website is to opt for the shared web hosting plan. This would be the most economical and practical approach as why pay for resources that you are sure not to use.

I would highly recommend selecting Imotion Hosting for your website or blog as they are rated as one of the best suited to do the job for you. I personally use Inmotion for most of my blog and websites and they have never let me down. The best part is they have great a customer support team.

Hostgator is also a good option you could consider as a web hosting service provider. Both of these providers offer great plans that include unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

The above recommended web hosting companies have 1 click install scripts as part of their customer control panel which makes your blog set up and installation more simpler.

Take Home: Be smart in selecting your web host and avoid the chances of you of migrating your web hosting account to some other company midway.


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