How to clean up your wordpress Blog

Today i would share few very simple and light plug-ins that i have tested and could clean up your blog from unwanted posts, db tables, post reveiws, trash, commens and tags etc..

WP – Cleanup

This is a very simple and useful plugin that can be installed, cleaned up and then deleted, it has the graphical interface as shown above and helps clean up various unwanted garbage listed below.

  • Post revisions
  • Spam comments
  • Unapproved comments
  • Unused tags
  • Unused post meta
  • Unused MySQL data

Download link

WP Cleanfix

This is a little more advanced plugin that more or less does the same as the WP cleanup plugin. The interface looks as below:

Download Link

Further below are few useful DB cleanup and optimize plugins that could be useful to keep-up your blogs DB clean

DB – Optimize

  • Repairs the table, if it has deleted rows
  • Sorts the index pages
  • Updates the table’s statistics, if not up to date

Download Link

WP – DB Optimizer

Another useful Database optimizing plugin that cleans  up the un used database tables or rows.

Download Link

Take Home : The above are simple and light plugins that could be used to improve the health of your wordpress blog and keep it garbage free, i usually use them to clean the garbage and uninstall them periodically.