How to combat writer’s block in a diplomatic way

How to combat writer’s block in a diplomatic way

Writer’s Block! Have you ever heard or faced it in your entire life so far? If you are a writer by profession or write occasionally for a living, you would have faced writer’s block at some point or the other. It is a condition in which the writer is not capable of creative writing and is incapable to produce new work. It may be due to several reasons that writers find difficult to write and are at loss of the usual flow of words in them. It is not something writers should take lightly as it hampers the work flow and creates chaos. And not to forget, you will damage your own image with your boss for not meeting deadlines.

If you are a writer yourself and been in situations when you are totally off from writing and have lost the zeal to write, you can tackle and combat that block by either preventing it or following a few simple tactics to get back to that writing groove you have always been comfortable with.

Get some fresh Air:

It is a simple step you can do to rejuvenate yourself and stimulate your brain nerves back. Just get off from your work desk and go out to explore life. Have some fresh air or listen to your favourite music. It is a sure way to make you relax and unwind with a changed surrounding. Talk to friends about their ideas too. It is also proven that a stroll outside or a coffee-break makes the brain work better and stirs up your spirit back again.

Blog on:

Yes, Blog your way during the break. Write on something that helps your mood swing. Bloggers essentially tend to write more or read more. So it is a known fact that they too occasionally get hit by writer’s block. Read your fellow bloggers posts or your own stuff to get inspired. Or read something inspirational or outside your subject on a new genre to know something new.

Have a blogging plan ready to finish your writing assignments in time. Blogging plan should list the topics based on priority such as “important to finish”, “pending ones” and “that needing more time”. It will remind you of your deadlines and time limits as well.

When I try to write blog posts for my discount coupons sites that feature carbonite and sittercity discount deals, I usually read totally off topic but inspirational articles. This has helped me a lot to keep going and just blog.

Eat healthy:

Have a balanced diet consisting of essential greens, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Include proteins and carbohydrates in your diet. Having an empty stomach will only lower your blood pressure.

Your brain needs good nourishment to work constantly. Healthy snacking at intervals provides you the boost you need from stress too. It indirectly reflects your mood and increases your energy levels to write better.

Get some sleep:

Sleep when you are totally tired and stressed out. An occasional nap may work wonders to your writing style. If you work 24*7 and are deprived of your sleep, it will only add to that existing mental block creating more havoc and may totally mess up your write-up.

Sometimes the pressure of work may itself pile up extra pressure. Try getting some good sleep and choose to write as the first thing once you get up in the morning. It is sure to unblock your mind and put some great ideas in your mind.

Frame and have a outline:

You might be staring at the blank screen of your desktop with no words to write or you simply don’t understand what to write on. I, being a writer myself, have experienced all these at some point or the other. So my personal suggestion would be to make a simple outline of the topic/post.

List out the points under the topic and make a frame work on all the segments you want to touch upon while you write on the topic. It may be the first thing any writer will prefer doing when you cannot write complete sentences. Once you get charged up again, this will definitely be helpful to finish up your post soon.

Focus but don’t force yourself:

It is too easy to get distracted from writing when you are not sure of what/how to write a particular piece of a story. It is during that phase you should not force yourself to finish writing. Focus on writing while you are totally away from all distractions and you get to see your writing has a lot more potential than you had thought boosting your confidence levels. Edit your write-up, proofread it and publish/submit your story then.

I hope these simple tricks may get you out of the most dreaded writer’s block and will simply transform you to your writing groove.