How to configure Newsletter subscription on your Website

How to configure newsletter subscription on your Website or Blog

Undoubtedly newsletter and email marketing is one of the most effective methods for publicizing your website content and gaining a consistent traffic to your website. The two best options for integrating newsletter or email subscription to your website or blog are:

Choosing a Email newsletter service provider

If you are a start-up website, I would recommend you to opt for Mailchimp as your email marketing service provider as they provide an excellent service and the best part is that they are free. On the other hand Aweber is a market leader for email marketing, but is a premium service provider (paid service).

How to configure newsletter subscription on your Website or Blog

With Mailchimp you can achieve almost everything that could be done using Aweber service provider and their major plus point is that they offer a starter account that is free of cost. The key features are:

  • Customize MailChimp with your own colors and logo, so it perfectly fits your brand.
  • Great templates that could be used
  • Smartphone applications that could be used
  • Social network integration with newsletters
  • Advanced stats on open rate and click through
  • Testing and analytics on your newsletter performance
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Inbox inspector – Preview of how your email campaign would look at major email clients
  • Auto responder system
  • Paid newsletter set up options
  • Multiple Language options
  • Free of cost up to 12000 emails per month
  • Free of cost to manage up to 2000 subscribers
  • Track and control subscriber activities

Above are the key features, you could read more about the features here

How to configure Mailchimp for your website or Blog

  • Sign up with mailchimp for a free account.
  • Create a new mailing list.
  • Embed the Signup code on your website.
  • Start from zero members or import members from a list or simply copy paste.
  • Create a campaign.
  • Send emails to a list or schedule.
  • Track your campaign performance using mailchimp reports.

In case you are using a WordPress blog, there is a WordPress plugin by mailchimp that will add the signup form on your blog on the sidebar or widgets.

You could refer the MailChimp resource for detailed and organized help on setting up your newsletter services here. Hope this article has helped you to identify and choose a email marketing service provider and be on top of newsletter and email marketing.


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