How to create a Fan page on Google Plus

How to create a Fan page on Google Plus

The idea of creating a brand or fan page on the Facebook is a big hit from its launch and now almost all brands makes it clear that even if they dont have a website they sure do have a fan page. If you already have a fan page on Facebook – Great! And if you dont have one yet, you could check my earlier article on how to create a Facebook fan page.

Google recently released this Google Plus Pages and its quite similar to a Google plus profile page and almost does all that you could do with a Google Plus profile, the major difference is that you can only add those people who have added your page. This feature will certainly help you later to target the users and manage campaigns based on various circles and hangouts your brand has created.

Steps to create a Google Plus Fan Page

Click on the create page link here and you will find the below screen from where you can start to create your fan page on Google Plus.

How to create a Fan page on Google Plus

Slowly fill up the category, the brand details, upload images and setup your fan page on Google plus to continue using it as a page. This is quite simple and easy. Let me know once you have your brand page up and let me know in case you have any questions or quries.

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