How to Create a Vanity URL for Facebook Page

How to Create a Vanity URL for Facebook Page

How to Create a Vanity URL for Facebook Page

  • Log on to
  • Click on Account Settings Tab
  • Navigate to “Username” and check for the availability.
  • Save your new username and you are done.

Once you have saved your new username, say for example: “orangecopper” Now, a vanity URL is automatically created in the following format:

The vanity URL could be used on your visiting cards, websites and links directing your contacts to even your Facebook page. The usage of vanity URLs can be a great way to brand your Facebook page and account.

Please note that there are 2 conditions that you should be aware of:

  • A username can be changed only once for an account.
  • You would have to verify your phone number before you change your username.
  • A Facebook page requires a minimum of 25 likes before a vanity URL is created.

Hope this tutorial has helped you understand what a “vanity URL” is and how to get one for yourself. Let me know your comments on the article – How to create a Vanity URL for Facebook page


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