How to create an “Advertise with us” page for my Blog: Complete Guide

How to create an “Advertise with us” page for my Blog: Complete Guide 

The best method to monetize your blog is to advertise using your own advertising program rather than using a PPC partner like AdSense or Chitika, since you directly receive the whole amount the client is paying for his / her advertisement. Simply the same reason why you would not want a broker or agent when your sell your house or property.  

But on the web, unlike in real world not all properties sell easy. You would need to have solid user base, huge page views, a niche authority and reputation to sell the ad space on your website. This is the reason it’s suggested to use programs like AdSense until your website traffic is huge enough to monetize. 

Now let’s discuss the need of a “advertise with us” page 

  • Basically not all visitors or webmasters would not get the idea to approach you to sell the advertise space on your website, you need to let them know – you are open to selling the space.
  • People do not get easily convinced, so an advertise page would include all the required stats, ranks, awards, testimonials etc. that could convince a prospective advertiser to buy your space.

What all your advertise here page should have 

  • About your website and website Audience: The first thing that an advertiser would be interested to know is “who would see my ads? “. Yes, that is very important to describe your website visitors and what is your blog’s target audience.

You could get these trends from: 

    • Your website webstats
    • Google Analytics


This could also include the keywords your website ranks high on, what is popular on your website etc.  



Speak Numbers and statistics:  Talk in detail about the key statistics of your website traffic, these could include the below:  

  • Google Page Rank ( will show how valuable a text link from your blog would be)
  • Alexa ranking
  • Technorati Ranking
  • RSS Subscribers count
  • Newsletter subscribers count
  • Twitter followers
  • Facebook fans
  • Number of articles
  • Daily page views
  • Monthly unique visitors

Advertising options on your website:  This is a very important part – The best way to showcase the advertising options on your blog is to use a blog map and specify the different ad slots and classify them based on their dimension and positions. 

The various Best advertising options could be: 

    • Small Text Link ads and footer links
    • Large text link ads and Blog rolls
    • 125×125 ad banner
    • 250×250 ad banner
    • Paid review of products or services
    • Link from specific high ranking posts
    • Inline Strip ads (maxblogpress kinda ads)


  • Testimonials / Awards / Interviews / Articles:   This part of the advertise page would serve to show off your niche authority and your blog’s reputation on the web. This could really play a major role to convince the potential advertiser.

 Note: It depends on you if you want to publish the price on your blog, but the only –ve effect of this idea is it could shoo away the potential advertiser even before you get to talk to them or negotiate. 

 Few Good example of Advertise here pages: 

Hope you enjoyed the article, Do let me know in case of questions, suggestions or Help.


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