How to design an ebook cover

how to design an ebook cover

how to design an ebook cover

How to design an ebook cover

I’ve seen a lot of webmasters searching for a good ebook cover design tutorial, ebook cover templates and even spending for ebook cover generator software. Let’s put an end to it all here now. Having an impressive ebook cover is important when it comes to launching your ebook on the internet. There are two factors that play an important role before someone purchases or downloads your ebook, they are:

  • Your ebook design
  • Your ebook name

These two are very critical and needs to be the best. Today I would be sharing a simple tutorial to design your own ebook cover in minutes using Photoshop (just 3 simple steps)

Steps to design an ebook cover

  1. Firstly download the PSD zip file of your ebook framework from Ebook Template Source
  2. Create an ebook coversheet on Photoshop or download 5 unique ebook coversheet that I have designed exclusively for you guys from here and use it for free.
  3. Use distortion feature of Photoshop transform to place the coversheet on to the framework.

Step 1: Open the PSD file that you have downloaded – this is the ebook cover framework

Step 2: Place the coversheet on top of the PSD framework’s top most layer and reduce the opacity of the layer to less than 60%. This would help you to find out if the corner points of the coversheets are aligned with the framework. ( you will see that on the next step)

Step 3: Use the distort option in the Photoshop and click and drag the corner points to align the coversheet on to the front of the ebook framework.

Finishing: Once the coversheet is perfectly placed on the framework, revert back the opacity to 100% and you will be ready to use your cool new ebook cover and this is what my book looked like after the few simple steps.

Bonus: I am attaching the finished PSD file of the ebook cover that i designed as part of this tutorial, feel free to edit the text and use it for your personal work. In addition, i have designed 5 unique cover sheets on photoshop that you could use for creating different ebook designs. Hope that helps!


  • Download Ebook coversheet i designed from here
  • Download the Framework that i used from ebook template source from here

Hope this tutorial on how to design an ebook cover has helped you.


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