How to Design Twitter Theme, Twitter Background Or a Twitter Template?


Howdy Guys! Today i would share with you all How i designed the Below cool Looking Twitter Theme or some may call it, Twitter template, but basically its only a twitter background.

Firstly Select a Background image of your choice of the size: 1920 x 1040
Log in to your Twitter account, click on “settings” -> “Design” -> Change Background image and upload to change your twitter template.

If you want to Personalize the design more, then Download Twitter background from any of the below webistes and edit it in photoshop, like i have done, then save it as a .br (twitter background format) or a jpeg format, upload it to twitter background as i told before.

Some websites to download twitter backgrounds:

I would suggest pick a image from any of these website or a favorate Wallpaper design of size 1920 x1040 ( resoultion )and upload as twitter background post required editing.

Hope you enjoyed the article.



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