How to earn a Passive income from your Blog

How to earn a Passive income from your Blog

Well, even before I try to answer the question, I would like to drift your attention to another one by asking – Is it possible to turn your blog into a source of passive income? Or even seminal – is it possible to turn your blog into a source of income?

Now, you might be wondering why would I even chose a topic like this, if the answer of any of the above questions was no? You are not completely wrong to think that because the answer of those questions is yes. Yes, blogs can generate income and yes they can provide you passive income but it is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea.

I know very few successful bloggers who have been able to generate a substantial amount of income through their blog(s). If I take the words of many other bloggers to be correct then no more than 1% of all the bloggers of this world monetize their blogs successfully; the number of people who generate a passive would be even less.

But nonetheless it is possible. It just requires a steady devotion and moreover a good amount of smartness to achieve the same.

If you have a look at the bloggers around you, you would definitely find that many of them couldn’t succeed in spite of working really hard while a few others could do better with an equal or less devotion. You can understand it like this – even though everyone knows the recipe, only a handful make it to the kitchen of the five stars.

The success of blogs doesn’t depend solely on the hard work or on the steps but on the right combination of everything. As a few successful bloggers put it, you must provide equal concentration on the title of the articles, content of the blog, link building, SEO, SMO, networking through social networking websites, comments, Google rankings and many other small things in order to be successful .

Unfortunately internet has so much of information available on it that a slight deflection and your post might loose in the race to appear on the first page.

So what is the formula to build a successful blog then? Actually there is none. You can call a blog to be generating passive income only when you don’t have to put any effort to maintain it anymore and you would require to put in a lot before you could reach that point.

You would have to treat your blog as a full time work before you could reach the point of complete freedom. There should be enough content or enough number of articles to make your blog a constant favorite among the search engines. Large number of back-links will enhance its performance which later may be further supported by a good number of guest articles which in turn would relieve you from your duties of writing as well and the only final responsibility will be to enjoy.

But remember, as I have said many times in this post, the journey to reach this success requires as much persistence as the lucrativeness of the end result.

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