How to ensure consistent Blog traffic

How to ensure consistent Blog traffic

Ensuring that visitors continue to flow to your website even if you are not daily working on your website is a challenge. Taking an example of this particular blog, even though I could not add more content frequently visitors still continue to flock in the same way as before. Today I will share the methodology on how to maintain a consistent traffic at times when you are away traveling or working on other critical projects.

Have enough content before you step aside: make sure you have enough content added to your blog to keep your unique visitors engaged. For every new blog to gradually turn into a successful website it’s important that you spend quality amount of time in building content. After spending few months on content development, SEO, promotion and social media optimization, you could choose to step aside to concentrate on your other projects.

A solid SEO foundation needs to be in place : it’s very important that you spend enough time on Search Engine Optimization activities like link building, on page SEO etc. to ensure that search engines like Google continue to bring visitors to your website for the contents already indexed in the search. This will ensure you have sustained traffic to your website in-spite of the fact that not much new content are added.

Have an active email newsletter management system : email newsletter services are extremely important to keep your visitors coming back to your website. With an active newsletter management service you may encourage your subscribers to read and interact your earlier blog posts and thereby ensure that website continues to have sustained traffic.

To summarize, it might not be always practical to add frequent content on a daily basis especially when you have more than one blogs to work on. Ensure you have a plan in place to still be people visit our website and make use of your existing and older content. Let me know your thoughts on this article..

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