How to Fight for if your content is Stolen

Firstly i would like to apologize to all my readers in the Blog for taking a leave from Blogging for more that a month. I had been very caught up with my Office and Clients that i could not spend even couple of minutes on the blog. I would try my best to keep the community and subscribers updated with the latest on the web.

Today we would be going through some information that could be really helpful when you are a Blog, website, Gallery owner who has digital content that is unique and has been wirtten or prepared for the particular website only. Yes we are talking about protecting your content from being stolen and if stolen how to kick the a** of webmasters using content of other website without proper rights or permissions from owner.

First off, immediately send a NTD – Notice and Take Down.  Post that You can ensure that the enfringing site gets de-listed from Google by filing a Google Digital Millennium Copyright Act Infringement Notification

Hope the information helped.