How to find a Domain name for your Blog or website

How to find a Domain name for your Blog or website

Identifying a good domain name could be your first biggest challenge when it comes to starting a new website. Simply registering a domain name that instantly comes to your mind could be a foolish approach as this is one key aspect of your new website or online brand that cannot be easily changed or replaced in the long run.

Have the below points in mind when you are planning to decide a name for your website:

  • The domain name should be Brandable.
  • Better if it makes sense and relates to your website niche.
  • It is an added advantage if your domain name includes your targeted keyword.
  • The Name should be unique and easy to remember.
  • Try to avoid the usage of hyphen or numbers.
  • Ideally a top level TLD like .com would be a great choice.
  • Limit the length of your domain name.

Now you might be thinking, that I have mentioned a list that makes it so difficult to select a name for your website and register a domain. I do understand it is definitely difficult to find a domain name with all these points in mind, but it is absolutely fine if you take your own time and not hurry to identify a good name.

Your efforts and time to find a good domain name is really worth it as you would certainly not want to have a double mind over the name at a later stage when your website is established.

I registered my latest Strategy blog in November 2010 and it was very difficult to identify a domain that is brandable as almost every good name I thought of seemed to be registered. Finally after spending months, brainstorming for a good name I decided on

I feel confident about the domain name as it was unique, brandable and easy to remember. The fact that I selected a good domain name gives more confidence about branding the website and turning it into a successful blog that people will love.

Few resources that might help you in your domain name search

As we all know, it is not a very easy task to search and identify a good domain name. There are few great websites that could help you in your search for an attractive domain name, I have listed a few of the below.

Out of the above list, my favorite tool for searching a good domain name is Wordoid. It really works great to identify domain names that are unique and brandable.

Hope this article would help you find and register your dream domain. Take the big step and don’t postpone your blogging journey for some other day. The sooner the better!


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