How to Find Advertisers for your Website or Blog?

How to Find Advertisers for your website or Blog?

Finding advertisers for your website is one of the most challenging parts of web based entrepreneurship. There could be several methods to find advertisers for your website and the two broad classifications of these methods are:

  • Direct Banner Ad Sales from your websites
  • Directly Contacting potential advertisers

You shall learn more about direct banner ad sales and how to do it from my earlier article. Regarding the second method of direct banner advertisement sales, below are some useful tips when you approach the advertisers or companies.

How to Find Advertisers for your Website or Blog

Analyze your website Traffic Data to find Advertisers:

One of the best data set to look out for advertisers is your Website Traffic analytics data. Find out the websites that currently link to your website or offer a product / service that you could promote. Also it’s a great idea to visit your website followers, commentators and explore if there are any advertisement opportunities.

Observe your Google Adsense Advertisements showing up on your website:

If you already know how Google Adsense works successfully – It’s simply by serving the most relevant ads to your visitors and improving the possibility of a click that converts. Let us try to use this Google Technology in our favor and use it for direct advertising.

Observe and take a note of all the ads that are displayed on you website and try to directly contact them requesting for an advertisement package deal. As these companies are already spending money for advertising in websites like yours, they might consider directly advertising on your websites for a lower CPC (cost per click) deal.

Analyze Similar Niche website Advertisers:

If you have a blog in any niche, you could certainly find worthy competitor websites that successfully serve advertisements to their visitors. All you have to do is to try contacting these advertisers with a very attractive price tag to start with. As they already spend money advertising in the niche, they would consider spending some bucks on you website as well.

How to Approach the identified set of advertisers:

Once you have identified the potential advertisers, the next step would be to contact them with the proposal. The first information you should present is the “User base interest”! Demonstrate to them what your targeted user-base is interested in. Give more information on metrics like:

  • Page views
  • Unique Visitors
  • Bounce Rate
  • Monthly Stats
  • The Growth rate
  • Your content update rate
  • Google Indexed links
  • Search Engine Positions for important keywords etc.

It would be a great idea to show how sticky your users are to your website by showcasing the returning users count and percentage. To sum up, showcase all the metrics transparently and expose the input that’s going into developing and publicizing your blog or website.

Take Home:   Finding quality advertisers who stick and continue to pay is not very easy when you don’t have a huge traffic. It is important to track your progress in terms of traffic and readership. It’s critical that you approach potential advertisers when your website is really ripe and ready to take them on.


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