How to Find and Fix Broken links on your WP Blog

How to Find and Fix Broken links on your WordPress Blog

How to Find and Fix Broken links on your WordPress Blog

Often as your blog size, content, images and popularity increases, it’s a bigger chore to maintain your blog. Even more it’s important to keep a check on your blog health. In addition you should follow certain critical checklist periodically for making sure your blog is at the pink of health.

Today I would be sharing a very very very (yes in fact it’s very 😉 effective method to find out and fix the broken links on your WordPress blog. Having a lot of broken links on your blog could drastically effect in many ways.

  • It could be a negative impression on the Bots crawling broken links and listing crawl errors.
  • It could annoy your users getting “page cannot be found” error messages.

Now let’s find out how to find and eliminate this issue on our blogs. Firstly you would need to install a plugin called Broken Link Checker. This plugin Checks your blog for broken links and missing images and notifies you on the dashboard if any are found. It offers various options like

  • Finding broken links
  • Unlinking the broken links
  • Unlinking not found pages
  • Deleting broken links

I was surprised to see the effect of the plugin. Post installation of the plugin it discovered that there were about 4000+ outbound links and 189 of them were broken links. I quickly  unlinked all broken links from the comment tags and deleted some broken track-backs and broken links.

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