How to Find and Un-Follow users who dont follow you!

Last weekend, as per my usual Routine i opened my Blog, checked stats 🙂 and then published the new articles i had prepared a week before and further went into Twitter to let the lovely world know that i did post something new on my Blog. But something caught my attention here..

1. The number of people i can follow in twitter is getting stuck at 2000. ( something that twitter newly implimented.
2. I was only being followed by 1/3rd of people i follow and many were users i followed at the initial stages of using Twitter.

Soon i did googl’in and Bing’ing on the web and found some useful stuff that i would share with you guys also Ofcourse.

and i found the website : Friend or follow : : the application that Besides displaying lists of your twiter friends, followers and people you follow you can get most followed user list, user growth chart and other information.

And to my surprise i could find that i am following so many people who are nt following me as well, so i am wasting my following potential and also my visibility infact. Also i am getting unwated Tweets that might not be valuble to me also every second.

The application showed me the below list !

And till now we have learnt how to Find how many are we Following without being followed.

Next lets see how to get rid of unfollowing profiles

Ooooopppps!! I had to cut this article and land back here to this article and correct this one, since there has been update to Twitter Rules than when i wrote this article & The change in rule is  NO automated unfollow by any websites!! Sad aint it? but that would keep our ovely twitter more REAL

Now what do we do? we have a way to get over that too.. Twitter Karma!

Go to the link: here and it would help you sort your acount followers that do not follow you and you can manually unfollow ’em.



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