How to find best selling items on eBay

How to find best selling items on eBay

The first step towards launching a successful business is to study the market. Analyzing the market is all about understanding the “demand” for the prospective item you are planning to sell and there by determining the item that has the maximum demand and comparatively lower supply.

For business models earning a high income from sales commissions like Amazon affiliates the key research item would be to understand the market pulse and identify what is in demand at the moment.

Another good approach is to study the trends of ecommerce to understand seasonal spike in demand and switching your business activities to that particular niche when the demand is high. Below are some methods that you could adopt to study the demand for products on eBay.

How to find best selling items on eBay

The eBay website provides 2 great tools to identify the market pulse and search query spikes. You could take advantage of valuable information that you receive from the two eBay analytic tools sharing the activity information:

  1. eBay Pulse
  2. eBay Keyword Index
  3. eBay Product Index

eBay Pulse shares critical information that shows the trend of eBay users purchasing and watching products on their website. The tool reveals invaluable information like:

  • Rising search.
  • Most popular items.
  • Most sold items on eBay.
  • Largest Store and their information.
  • Category based split of hot selling items.

eBay Keyword Index reveals some more stunning data points like highest searched keywords, top category keywords, top product keywords and detailed drill down of these information.

eBay Product Index is another eBay tool that you could use to identify the most popular products in different category niches within eBay marketplace. Another link that features all time popular ebay products could be found here

How to find best selling items on eBay

Take Home: Be it eBay or Amazon, study the market demands and competition. Once you have your market research and analysis information, you would be able to decide what to sell and where. Hope this article has helped you to learn more about how to find the best selling items on eBay


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