How to find the most searched Keywords on Google, Yahoo, AOL, ASK, MSN

How to find the Most Searched or how to know what is in highest demand on the web? There are many ways to find and these methods are specific to each search engines, like there are tools provided by google like google Trends and Yahoo with Yahoo Buzz etc.

The below are the links to the tools that allow you to find out the most searched keywords, this can be classified based on keywords and based on websites, Using the tool we can analyse what are the keywords that bring traffic to websites.


Google Trends:  For Google Search

Google Zeitgeist: Google Again

AOL Hot Searches:  For AOL traffic

Ask IQ: See top searches at Ask.

Dogpile SearchSpy: Dogpile Search

Lycos 50: For Lycos Search

Yahoo Buzz Index:  whats Hot on Yahoo

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