How to Fix RSS Feed Errors for WordPress

How to Fix RSS Feed Errors for WordPress 

How to Fix RSS Feed Errors for WordPress

Often it happens that without any know reason your WordPress Blog Feed page stops working. Its not a bad idea to check your WordPress blog feed URL if its working. Several symptoms of  a non working Feed page are:

  • Black page on the Feed URL page
  • Error on Line “x” on the feed page
  • RSS feed in the Error on line 2
  • Feed page seems to work but other application feeding from feed URL does not work
  • XML or text declaration not at start of entity
  • Other XML parsing feed errors etc.

The most important use of RSS feeds are you can enable email subscription by users to automatically receive email notification from the feeds each time a new post is added to your blog. This service can be enabled with the help of FeedBurnerservice by Google. Another important use of Feeds are you can use it to auto post your new articles on to Facebook and Twitter.

How to fix RSS errors for your WordPress feed page:

In case any of the above errors occur it can be fixed with ease with the use of an amazingly simply plugin called Fix RSS Feeds. The plugin fixes all the feed errors with a single click when installed. Use the below steps to install and fix your RSS errors:

  1. Into the Dashboard admin-> settings -> fix RSS feed
  2. Click on the “Fix WordPress RSS feed error” button, then your feed error will be fixed. If there are any errors after fixed RSS feed, you can click “restore fix” button to restore.
  3. All fix are completed, you will find your WordPress RSS feed without any issues.

Hope this article has helped  you identify and fix the RSS Feed errors. Let me know your feedback and opinion on this method to fix the issue.

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