How to Fund a Contest on your Blog

How to Fund a Contest on your Blog

People love gifts and prizes! Blog contest is a great strategy to get your enthusiastic blog readers together. Be in any niche you could choose to run a blog contests on any occasions like Christmas / new year or even on your blog’s birthday. If you are earning from your Blog, there is nothing wrong in setting up a contest prize worth winning and in case you are not yet earning money from your blogs, you still can manage to find sponsors to fund your blog contests. When I say contest prize, it need not be a huge investment – something that can be useful for your readers and preferably should be within the niche. For example, you could offer to sponsor a premium WordPress theme or a one year web hosting.

How to crack a deal to find a sponsor: If you don’t want to spend money from your own pocket, you still have options to find a sponsor for the contest. There are loads of plugin developers, theme developers, hosting companies or even product owners (in your respective niches) who might be interested to reach a targeted audience. You could crack a deal with a sponsor opting to offer him few goodies like:

1. One month banner space on your blog sidebar
2. A premium product review on your blog
3. Contest sponsor official announcement etc.

What to run a contest for: There is harm in offering any or all of the above to get a contest prize sponsored. Make sure that once you have the sponsor ready, you start marketing the contest well in advance and use the contest to your favor! I would recommend announcing your contest atleast 1 month in advance, you could improve your blog activity by announcing contest for:

1. Top commentator on your blog articles
2. Loyalty contests
3. Social media based contests to tweet or spread your word etc.

If your contest prize is attractive enough, I am sure loads of people will flow and and make it a huge success! In addition to running the contest, announcing the winner and publicizing the contest result is vital. Give it maximum publicity as it will work as a catalyst to your next contest!

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