How to get listed in DMOZ, the easiest way

dmozNowadays getting listed in DMOZ is not that very easy at all!! The Wait time you would have  to spend is pretty very high, especially in categories that have submissions in line more than a hundred.

Becoming an editor is much easier when compared to getting listed in DMOZ.  The first step is to find the category that best describes your website.  At the bottom of that category you will see a link that says “Volunteer to edit this category.”  Click on that link and read the entire steps and tips that are mentioned and click on proceed link so that you can fill up the application form.

 The Open Directory would only let you to become an editor for one category at the start, so don’t hurry select the one that you would want your website to be added in and the one you have knowledge in. further you would want to apply for other categories post you do a good job with the existing categories.

 Select a category with not much listing so that the chances of accepting is high here.

Then comes the Application form that is really critical and important.

What is your internet experience?  Here enter every single thing that you are a master at or you specialize in and do not elaborate be precise and crisp. And it’s better not to mention SEO 😉

Why are you interested in becoming an editor for the ODP?  Here an Honest answer would be great (not a very honest one thoughJ) and give a mature answer like: even though algorithms could be becoming better, manual reviews would be a great way to improve the content on the web.

Explain your interest in the subject category.  Explain Honestly why you like the category and why would they take you as a Editor: example : I have been following the latest graphic designing trends carefully over the years and hence like to be an editor in this category to ensure good content is promoted on the web.

Sites with which you are associated.  It is important to be honest here.  So do not try to mislead them, so its perfectly alright to say what all you are associated with because there is nothing wrong to approve your site as well if it is submitted within the guidelines

There is a chance of you application being rejected so it’s a good idea to save your application so that you can apply again (its normal that you are rejected 3 times before you are accepted)

This is the last part and it’s important.  Here, you need to suggest three sites that are not listed in the directory, but that you would add in the directory if you were an editor for the category for which you are applying to edit.   

Take quality time and do a Google to find sites that are originally not added in DMOZ and have quality non duplicate content.

Submit your application, you would get a confirmation email and usually they would get back to you in 1-2 days time with their response as per my experience. If you are not accepted, don’t worry try again and you would get through it and its important and worth getting added to DMOZ as there are many directories that feed from DMOZ so you are not effectively adding to one directory but Hundreds or More.

A small advice, Once you are an editor, continue to be a Ethical editor as per the guidelines and support the project and be thankful to the value DMOZ gives to your link so that it continues to be a best resource

Hope you liked the article, would love to see your comments – Cheers, Joshu

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