How to Identify a Niche to start a Blog

How to Identify a Niche to start a Blog

This is the age of Niche Blogging! If you are confused what a “Niche” is all about – It is basically an expertise on which your blog or websites specializes in.  Selecting the right niche plays a major role in your blog’s success.

There are several webmasters who make a good income from narrow niche websites or blogs by identifying the most appropriate niche to blog about based on their taste and expertise.

The thumb rule of selecting a niche

We could define the thumb rule of selecting a niche based on two factors:

  • Your area of Expertise
  • Your love for a particular topic or subject.

I strongly recommend you NOT to plunge into blogging about any subject that does not either interest you or you don’t have any expertise in. Because blogging is never a one day affair, instead it is an ongoing activity that should continue to keep you busy.

Like there is no point in forcing you to read books regularly when you were never interested in reading. The same applies to blogging – you need to be passionate about the subject you are blogging about so that you really take pleasure in what you are doing.

Take Home: It is very difficult to be successful in professional blogging unless you are really passionate about the subject and you continue to enjoy your efforts.


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