How to Import Large SQL Database files using phpMyadmin

How to Import Large SQL Database files using phpMyadmin

Often migrating websites from one host or domain to another could lead you to situations where you would have to import one Database SQL Dump to another database using programs like phpMyadmin.

While importing smaller databases of size less than 20 MB it would not be an issue using phpMyadmin, but in some cases we would have to import larger databases ranging from 20 MB to even GBs which the phpMyadmin program would not allow us to do. Today I will share an extremely useful light weight application that automatically splits SQL dumps into smaller chunks of your choice that you can effortlessly upload using phpMyadmin.

SQL Dump Splitter is a 180 KB application that gives total control over splitting huge databases into smaller SQL files with ease. With SQL Dump Splitter you can:

  • Choose the size of each chunk
  • Opt to skip comments (to even reduce the size of the DB)
  • Automate the activity.

The best advantage of using the application is that it works really fast and generates a folder with all the chunks numbered in a sequence and hence makes it simple to upload the set together as a whole database.

How to Import Large SQL Database files using phpMyadmin

Other applications used to handle the import of larger databases are BigDump and MysqlDumper. (I personally haven’t tried the last two applications and I guess they are server side scripts).

Take Home: In my opinion, with the light weight SQL Dump Splitter you could split the file easily and upload them one by one to get the job done easily the way I did it successfully.



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