Tips to improve Google adsense income – My Story

How to improve Google Adsense income

Just like any new blogger, I too installed Google adsense on my blog as soon as I developed it in the early stages of my blogging. As any newbie would do, even I dreamed of making it big as soon as I published my blog posts.

My enthusiasm meters were showing sky high levels and so were my expectations to earn money online from my blog. As days passed by, even though I was writing quality unique posts for my blog I never saw a single penny earning from my website in spite of ads being spread across my entire blog.

How to improve Google adsense income

The Truth is mostly bitter in taste

Slowly I started realizing the bitter truth that adsense income isn’t that easy and money will never flow so quick as claimed by experts who claimed that they started making money almost instantly after blog was published.

Trust me, I even doubted those webmasters who said they were making an income from adsense. It seemed to me that its almost impossible to make an income from Google adsense.

The scenario continued for months, to be specific I earned my first dollar from Google adsense approximately after 2 months of installing adsense. So the lesson learned was it is not easy to make money from adsense for a new blog.

I had to plan and act accordingly

As soon as I started understanding that my situation was like playing a movie without audience, I changed plans. I removed advertisements from my blogs and started concentrating on building my website content and traffic to my website.

Now as my website was ad free and I was concentrating on building quality content, I had to make sure I put lot of hard work and speedup my plans.

The plan that I deployed to improve my website traffic were:

  • Concentrate on the on page and off page SEO factors
  • write at least a week’s posts in advance and schedule it for my blog
  • use the additional time I saved for writing guest posts
  • Build up a good social networking profile and publicize new posts.
  • Network with other bloggers to introduce my blog to their users too

These activities were consistently done for more than a month when I started noticing good incoming traffic improvement. The best signs were that I started receiving “real comments” from real people rather than spam bots.

I started to improve my newsletter subscription rate and many people were interested to know what I was writing about. Trust me this is a great feeling!

My efforts paid off very soon

Now as I started receiving about 400 – 800 unique visitors a day, I thought let me give it another try and deployed Google adsense again. This time the results were quite different. I had to trust Google Adsense.

Comparing to my nil earning before having a good traffic, with less than 1000 unique visitors a day I was earning a steady 3 USD per day and that made it more than 90 USD a month.

With dedication, patience and hard work it’s easy to turn any blog into an earning business model only with adsense in less than 6 months. Now I earn more than 10 – 15 USD per day from my blog networks serving only Google adsense.

Hope my story on How to improve Google adsense income has helped you.


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