How to improve My website Alexa Rank

How to improve My website Alexa Rank

How to improve your Alexa rank? A question that every new webmaster would have in his / her mind for sure. I can certainly help you on this topic since I have improved my website Alexa rank from a “no rank” to a whooping 25k globally in less than 1 year time.

How to improve My website Alexa Rank

Before I start off

Before I start off giving you tips on how to improve your rank, you should certainly understand what the factors that govern Alexa rank are and why Alexa rank is not everything! You should give it just the right importance and you should not be under an impression that a good Alexa rank means a great website.

How to improve My website Alexa Rank

Its not rocket science, when you understand what are the basic factors that govern your Alexa ranking metrics. Below are the major factors that could help you shoot up your website’s Alexa ranks:

  • Install Alexa Tool bar on all your workstations
  • Keep your website frequently updated
  • Write guest columns in similar Niche websites for quality traffic
  • Write useful and unique articles on Alexa and its ranking methodology
  • Drive good traffic to your website with conventional methods like SEO

Alexa picks up their ranking data from its tool bar demographics; hence it’s very important that you use the Alexa toolbar on every machine that accesses your websites. This will give more exposure for your website to Alexa data.

Firstly you should understand that an Alexa rank is very niche dependent. If your website users are not webmasters or techies, the chances of having the Alexa toolbar is lower, hence the chances of ranking faster is also less.

Alexa also gathers information from other search engines and service providers to improve their accuracy, so it all narrows down to the amount of unique traffic coming to your website. So your primary aim should be in developing good quality content and more unique visitors.

Writing one or two good articles on Alexa, Alexa rankings and doing SEO to improve your exposure gives you good chance to improve your Alexa ranking. The reason is that most of the people interested in Alexa would obviously have Alexa toolbar installed.

Take Home: Concentrate on great content, that is useful for people in your niche, they will love you, traffic will increase, Alexa will love you, Google will love you and Money & success will follow! Hope you have learned on How to improve My website Alexa Rank


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